Calling all frustrated
Metatrader 4 users!

Calling all frustrated
Metatrader 4 users!

F u l l y  C u s t o m i z a b l e  T i m e  L a b e l s  a n d   m o r e   for MetaTrader 4    




TBone Trading




Thank you so much. This is amazing how different charts are with your indicator. I can't believe this isn't standard. It's something everyone using MT4 should have on their screen.    
                                                                                    Jean Y.

This is just what I needed.
                                                                                    Dennis T.

Hi Randy,
this is a short note to say THANKS for all the work you have put into this indicator. Welll done and I hope it does well for you. Cheers.                                                                        Keith H.

Thank you,
your software is wonderful and makes my work easier and better.
                                                                                   Siegfried B.

Thanks Randy,
That's much appreciated. I have recommended your tool to someone else as have enjoyed using it. So you should be getting another order from a person named T..    Kind Regards,
                                                                                  Brad P.

Thanks Randy,
I have installed CTA and it works perfectly. Great software.
                                                                                  Walter H.

I love this indicator. I've been looking for something like this for awhile :)
                                                                                 Rafael M.

Thanks for developing this indicator. It is the  most packed MT4 acquisition I have made so far. I am sure there are many people who wanted these features but lack the ability to program them. Glad you coud and did. The video manual is a slick addition. Cheers.
                                                                                 Michael B.



Can't wait to get started with the MT4 CTA. I've been looking for something like this for about a year now. Not sure why it took so long to find your product. Thanks for delivering it soon as possible.    Kind regards and Happy New Year.
                                                                                  Kenneth N.

Hello Randy,
This new version works like a charm. Installing it was smooth as silk.

Hi Randy,  
The updated product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!  always hated MT4 pitiful time line.  Good work :)
                                                                                  Shawn W.

I do appreciate the indicator having seen its features on YouTube. I am expecting it to help me a lot in relating the market moves with calendar events.
                                                                                 Ken N.

Thanks Randy,
I love it!
                                                                                Dave G.

I can't believe my eyes. I've been waiting for this tool for YEARS!
                                                                                Matt R.
                                                                                New York, NY

Worth 4 Xs the price!
                                                                               Aarum T.  
                                                                              Studio City, CA



Calling all frustrated
Metatrader 4 users!

Calling all frustrated
Metatrader 4 users!